Well-being Therapy

What’s all this then?

Why wouldn’t you want more happiness, love, learning, meaning and growth in your life?

Well-being therapy helps promote life statisfaction by focusing on what is going well in your life and on your personal strengths.

Sessions include use of techniques which emphasize self-awareness, and gives you tools to help you be you at your the best.

Aims of Well-being Therapy


To help you be you at your best by:



Increasing self-awareness

Accepting your authentic self

Improving self-care

Self-care isn't selfish. Look after yourself.

Practicing mindfulness

Let go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviors.

Practising gratitude

Expressing what you are thankful for

Building positive emotions

Choose happiness. Remember what's gone well.

Being kind

Support yourself and others in the community.

Empowering yourself

Say yes to improving your well-being.

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